Corporate Governance



We believe as world class apparel company, Binabusana Internusa Group have responsibility to ensure the product manufactured in fair workplace where there’s no toleration for violation of ethic code, human rights, environmental, and brand protection. Below policies and practices to prevent and mitigate adverse impact along our supply chain.

Anti Fraud, Bribery and Corruption

Binabusana Internusa Group follow Code of Conduct of holding company, Triputra Investindo Arya, to set central guideline as minimum standards for all employee practices and manage business process in line with the ethics that uphold company values.

Environtmental Practices.

Binabusana Internusa Group commit to meet environment standards and do continuously improvement to reduce environmental impact.

Brand Protection.

Binabusana Internusa Group protect intellectual property for all customer we produce within the facility.

Binabusana Internusa Group respects the laws and regulations both local and national, therefore we requires that all business partner do the same.

If any business partner and/or employee found the violations, kindly disclose it through BBI Whistleblower